Digital Amateur Radio

This is the official home of the DV4mini, actual information and the latest software releases, directly from the developers.

DV4mini (70cm or 2m):

is a tiny but powerful USB stick that can change any PC into a HOTSPOT.

It does not require its own power supply as it is powered through the USB interface. It is be shipped with a comprehensive but simple to use software package which allows for the linking with DCS reflectors for both D-Star,C4FM and DMR reflectors.

Supported operating modes:

D-Star, DMR+, C4FM-Fusion

and experimental versions:


DV4mini-AMBE (70cm or 2m):

a HOTSPOT like the DV4mini but features additionally operation with a PC-headset via the PC‘s sound card.

Using a PC-headset you can:
1. talk and listen to reflectors (whithout transceivers)
2. talk and listen to transceivers
(and both simultaneously)

this is the ideal device if you don‘t have a transceiver on hand, as a monitor, testing of transceivers, playback via loudspeakers etc… only your imagination limits the possibilities.

Supported operating modes of the AMBE PC-headset function: D-Star, DMR+ und C4FM-Fusion